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How To's & articles to improve your Image editing skills

How to Use the Lasso Tool in Illustrator
The Lasso Tool in Illustrator is a versatile selection tool, allowing you to select an entire object or parts of a vector object. You can then manipulate, move, or edit the object in several different ways. The Lasso Tool has several benefits, such as being able to drag across a path to select a pie...
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How to Add Crop Marks in Photoshop
To add crop marks in Photoshop, you can use the Print to PDF function and add the marks when saving the document. Since Photoshop isn’t primarily used for printed materials, there isn’t a straightforward way to add the printing marks as you would in InDesign. However, since the program is such a...
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How to Make a Repeating Pattern in Illustrator
To make a repeating pattern in Illustrator, add shapes for the base and then go to Object > Pattern > Make. Creating seamless patterns is as simple as that, and you no longer need to copy and paste to repeat the shapes or graphics manually. Creating your own custom pattern can elevate your art...
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How to Center an Image in Photoshop
There are two ways to center an image in Photoshop. You can either use the smart guides while moving the image yourself, which is useful if you want to quickly drag a layer to the center, or you can use the Align panel, which works best when centering multiple layers simultaneously. Whether you're w...
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How to Remove the Background From an Image in GIMP
There are various ways to remove the background in GIMP, and the selection tool you use depends on multiple factors of the photo, such as the background's complexity, the subject's shape, and the colors in the foreground and background. Here are the various selection techniques and destructive and n...
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How to Copy Layers From One Photoshop Document to Another
Certain effects you add to images or designs can take hours to achieve, but luckily, replicating the effect on a different photo only takes a few seconds. This technique is useful when creating similar projects that require a few of the same elements or when you want to add a complicated effect to a...
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How to Change the Background Color in Canva
You can change the fixed background in Canva, which is locked and doesn’t interfere with your design; you can add your own background, which is customizable to suit your project, and you can change the background color of an image, even when using the free version of Canva. How to Change the Fixed...
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How to Remove a Shadow in Photoshop
There are two top ways in Photoshop to remove shadows. You can either use the new Remove Tool, which is an easy method for images with simple backgrounds, or you can use the Content-Aware Fill method, which gives you more control over the replacement pixels. If you took the image at the wrong angle ...
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