How to Screenshot on Android: Full Page Scrolling Screenshot

Casey Roche
Last updated August 11, 2023

Screenshots are useful for many reasons, such as sharing content or saving information you want to access later. When capturing a screenshot on your phone, it’s easy to screenshot the visible screen area. However, you may want to take a screenshot of an entire webpage (scrolling screenshot). For instance, to save a long recipe to use later.

Luckily, there are simple ways to take a full-page screenshot on your Android device. The first method is to use our completely free tool that you can access online from any device. Our full-page screenshot tool captures the entire webpage after you paste the URL into the tool.

If our tool doesn’t work for you, there is a native method of capturing scrolling screenshots on your Android device. Here are the top ways to screenshot on Android.

Take a Scrolling Screenshot Online Using Our Tool

The first method uses our online tool, which is quick and easy to take full-page screenshots on any device. All you need to do is paste in the URL of the page you want captured, adjust a few settings, and download the screenshot. The full-page screenshot tool doesn’t save your links to our server, and the link is automatically deleted after two weeks.

This method is secure and allows you to adjust the browser size to match your device.

To use the screenshot tool, open it in a separate browser on your phone.

Next, open the page you want to capture in a separate browser tab. For this example, I will screenshot a blog post from the site. Scroll through the entire page to ensure all the images load correctly.

Tap on the URL at the top of the browser screen. Then, use the pop-up menu to copy the URL link by tapping on the copy icon.

Once the URL is copied, open the tab with the screenshot tool and click in the URL box. You can then use the pop-up menu to paste the URL.

Once the URL is pasted in the box, adjust the tool’s settings to ensure the screenshot works correctly. First, set the browser size based on the device you are using. You can use the Browser Size drop-down menu to use one of the defaults or set a custom Width into the box.

Turn the Full Height option on to ensure the screenshot captures the entire web page, not only the visible area.

You can then select the File Format that you want the screenshot to save as. You can choose between PNG and JPG.

Once you have adjusted the settings, tap on Submit to generate the screenshot. 

This may take a few seconds, depending on the length of the web page.

You will then see a preview of the screenshot if you scroll down. 

If you are happy with the screenshot, click Download Image to download the full-page screenshot.

You will now have the entire webpage saved as a screenshot in your gallery.

Capture a Screenshot Using the Native Android Method

The other method of taking a scrolling screenshot on Android is to use the built-in screenshot taker on your device. While you may know how to take a regular screenshot, it may be confusing how to take a screenshot of the entire webpage.

Luckily, taking a scrolling screenshot is easy, but it’s longer and more tedious than the previous method. To use this method, you may need to use a device that is running Android 12 or later, depending on the brand you are using.

To take a scrolling screenshot with the built-in Android screenshot taker, open the web page you want to capture.

Once the webpage opens, take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the power and volume down buttons. This will take a screenshot of the visible area only. Once the screenshot is taken, a menu appears at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the Capture More button in the bottom menu to capture the next portion of the webpage. 

Note: Certain phone brands running Android will open a separate window where you need to drag the box down to show how much of the web page you want to be included in the screenshot.

You will see a small preview of the screenshot on the left of the screen.

Keep tapping Capture More until the preview shows everything you want to capture in the scrolling screenshot. 

Note: If you want to capture a long page, you can tap and hold your finger down on the Capture More button, and the page will scroll and screenshot for as long as you hold the button in.

Once you have captured as much of the page as you want, stop tapping and wait a few seconds until the screenshot window disappears. The scrolling screenshot will then be added to your gallery.