Aspect Ratio Calculator

Our Online Aspect Ratio Calculator facilitates precise calculation of image aspect ratios, offering an essential resource for image resizing and scaling. Applicable to diverse fields, it ensures dimensional accuracy.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

How to calculate the Aspect Ratio of an Image

  1. Enter Dimensions or select from our List
  2. Select what you want to calculate (ratio or dimensions)
  3. Adjust Width or Height if you want to recalculate

How can I change the aspect ratio of my image?

If you want to alter the aspect ratio of your image, we recommend using our dedicated tool. This tool allows you to input your desired aspect ratio, ensuring your image is perfectly resized with no distortion.

What are common aspect ratios?

Common aspect ratios include 1:1 (square image), 4:3 (standard television), 3:2 (35mm film, and many DSLR cameras), 16:9 (widescreen television), and others. The appropriate ratio largely depends on the medium of display and the desired aesthetics.

Can this tool calculate aspect ratio for video formats?

Absolutely. The Aspect Ratio and Dimensions Calculator isn't limited to images; it can also accurately calculate the aspect ratio of video formats based on the given height and width.

How can I calculate the aspect ratio of my image?

Calculating the aspect ratio of an image involves a comparison of its width to its height. The first step involves measuring the width and the height of your image. These measurements are then presented as a ratio, written as width:height. Often, you will need to simplify this ratio to its smallest whole number form. For example, if the width of your image is 400 pixels and the height is 200 pixels, the initial aspect ratio would be 400:200. However, since both numbers can be divided by 200, the simplified aspect ratio would be 2:1.
As an easier option, you can use our Aspect Ratio and Dimensions Calculator. Simply input the width and height of your image, and the tool will instantly provide the correct aspect ratio.


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