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Master Image Editing: Expert Tips, How-To Guides, and In-Depth Articles

How to Create Outlines in Illustrator
There are three main methods you can use to create outlines in Illustrator, depending on the result you are looking for.  Follow along to learn the three best ways to make and edit outlines. Method 1: Using the Create Outlines Command The Create Outlines command is a quick way to convert text o...
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How to Make a Pattern in Illustrator
To make a pattern in Illustrator, you need to create the artwork for the pattern using shapes, text, or graphics. Then, go to Object > Pattern > Make to create the actual pattern, where you can set the settings for the pattern. Once you save the pattern, you can apply it to text and objects in your ...
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How to Move Patterns in Illustrator
There are three methods to move patterns in Illustrator, depending on how you want to move the pattern. When using these methods, there are a few things to note, such as ensuring the tool settings are set to move the pattern only and not the object. Here’s how. Method 1: Using the Tilde Key The ti...
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How to Resize Patterns in Illustrator
To resize patterns in Illustrator, you can use one of three methods, depending on how much control you want and which elements of the pattern you want to resize. These methods are simple to use, but you need to ensure you access the tool settings to set it only to affect the pattern and not the obje...
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How to Rotate Patterns in Illustrator
There are three ways you can rotate a pattern in Illustrator since it’s not as straightforward as rotating a shape or object. While you may be familiar with these tools, you need to set them to only transform the pattern by accessing the tool options. Here’s how to rotate a pattern without affec...
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How to Make a Grid in Illustrator
There are three ways to create a grid in Illustrator, depending on the amount of control you want over the customization or the shape of the grid. Follow along below for the simple step-by-step methods for each grid. Method 1: Using the Rectangular Grid Tool The Rectangular Grid Tool is one of the s...
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How to Turn On Snap to Grid in Figma
As a useful interface and web page design tool, Figma automatically helps users align and place elements to keep the design well-balanced. However, if you want an even more precise method of aligning elements, you can turn on the snap to grid function in Figma. The snap function ensures that the obj...
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How to Create Hover States in Figma
Interactive elements are key for most interface and web design as it shows users how to interact with the elements on the page and let them achieve the desired result. One common interactive element is a hover state, which you can easily create in Figma. When making a hover state, you can create an ...
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