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How To's & articles to improve your Image editing skills

How to Rotate Text in Inkscape
When working with text in Inkscape, you can format it in various ways to elevate your layout design. One method to format your text is to rotate it, which is fast and easy, even if you are just learning Inkscape. You can rotate single words if you type them separately or an entire sentence or paragr...
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How to Cut an Object in Half in Inkscape
When working in Inkscape, there is no obvious way to cut objects in half since there isn’t a scissor or slice tool. However, using an easy workaround, you can easily cut an object in half in Inkscape. All you need is the object you want to slice, which needs to be made up of paths, and a line draw...
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How to Make a Grid in Inkscape
There are two types of grids you can use in Inkscape, depending on what you want to achieve with the grid.  You can add guidelines to the page, which help you line up and space out elements on the page and won’t show in the final design. Alternatively, you can make a table grid for calendar or we...
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How to Add Rounded Corners to Objects in Inkscape?
Most corners are sharp and straight when using or creating a shape in Inkscape. However, in some cases, you may want to round the corners of particular objects to create a softer effect. Luckily it is effortless to add rounded corners to objects in Inkscape. You can round the corners of various obje...
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Inkscape Export as PDF
Once you have completed your design in Inkscape, you need to export it as a specific file type. There are a few different file formats to save your project as, but today I will show you how to export your project as a PDF in Inkscape. A PDF, Portable Document Format, is a versatile file type that le...
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How to Add Fonts to Inkscape
While Inkscape is primarily a vector-based editing program where users draw and create vector graphics, it also has other capabilities, such as adding text to the canvas. If you are limited with font choices, you can easily add fonts to Inkscape to give yourself more variety. As any designer knows, ...
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Inkscape Not Opening in Windows
It can be frustrating when a design program, such as Inkscape, is not opening in Windows, especially when you are working on a vital drawing, artwork, or project. Since you can’t even get the program to open, finding out what is causing the issue is challenging. Here are a few common solutions tha...
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Inkscape vs Adobe Illustrator
If you are looking for design software, you may be overwhelmed by the different options to choose from. Regarding vector-based design programs, two that stand out are Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator, and it can be challenging to know which is the best for you. These two programs have a lot in common,...
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