Online Full-Page Screenshot Taker - Capture Entire Websites

This tool allows efficient capturing of entire website pages through simple URL input. Enhance documentation and archival efforts with high-resolution, full-page screenshots effortlessly.

(You need to select 'Full Height' in order to capture the full page.)

How to Full-Page Screenshot a Website Online

  1. Enter the URL
  2. Full Height needs to be selected
  3. Hit Submit


Are there any limits to using this tool?

Generally, no. However, we implement rate limiting to prevent abuse. This means if you use it too much in a short period, you might be temporarily restricted.

How long does it take to capture a screenshot?

It usually takes a few seconds, depending on the website's complexity and size.

What file format will the screenshot be in?

Screenshots are saved in a common image format, likely JPG or PNG.


We do not store your images. We automatically remove generated screenshots after 2 weeks from our server.


We optimized everything for you to finish your task as efficient and quickly as possible.

For Free

This tool is completely free for you to use. However, there are limits in place to protect us from the abuse of our services.

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