How to add text to a curve in Photoshop

Tim Youngs
Last updated March 27, 2020
How to add text to a curve in Photoshop

There are several ways to change the appearance or text using warp effects or by converting the text to a shape first. However, if you want to simply add editable text to an existing curve, the process is really simple.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open your Photoshop project
  2. Using one of the shape tools add a new shape to the canvas, or draw a custom shape or line using the Pen tool
  3. Then, with the Type tool selected, hover over the edge of the shape or line you have drawn until the Type tool shows a curved line beneath the pointer
  4. Click on the line and begin typing to add your text to the curvature of that shape or line
  5. You can then adjust the sizing, kerning, and color of the text as usually