How to change the artboard’s size in Adobe XD

Tim Youngs
Last updated July 22, 2021
Change artboard size in Adobe XD

Artboards are pivotal to the design process. Therefore, working with artboards in XD will become second nature after a very short time.

But for first-time users, some of the basics can throw you for a loop.

In this mini-tutorial, I will show you how to quickly change the size of your artboards in Adobe XD using both the Select tool and the Transform menu.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open your Adobe XD project file
  2. Select the artboard you want to resize
  3. With the Select tool (v) active, click-and-drag any of the corner or side handles to change the size
  4. Or, change the artboard's size to an exact measurement using the Transform panel on the right side — just enter your new height and width dimensions and you're done!