Step by Step Tutorial on How to Crop an Image in GIMP

Moritz Haag
Last updated April 1, 2022

There are two methods to crop an image in GIMP. You can either use the "Cropping Tool" or use the Selection to crop.

We'll cover both ways in this short guide.

In this step-by-step guide, we will review how to crop an image in GIMP. There are two options to cropping your image and we will go over both in this tutorial. 

Total Time: 2 minutes

Download GIMP

how to crop an image in gimp

The very first thing you need to do is download and install GIMP. Depending on your internet speed, this shouldn't take more than a few minutes (five at the very most).

As you scroll down the page, you will find two buttons directing you towards the download links for Windows. You can either download it through BitTorrent or Directly. The best option is to do it directly; it doesn't come with many other add-ons.

Once you are done downloading it, the system will walk you through the install process, which isn't complicated.

Add the Image to the Tool

Add the Image to the Tool

Once you have downloaded and installed GIMP, simply go to the Search box on your computer and input GIMP. It will be one of the options available now.

Simply click on the result, and the tool will load. Once it's done loading, you will have a page that looks like this:

Now, to load the image you want to manipulate into the tool, all you have to do is click on the File button at the uppermost top left corner of the tool's window.

That will give you a drop-down menu with a list of possible options where your original image could be on your hard drive. Click on Open.

That will take you to a window where all the possible options where your image could be on your hard drive are presented. Simply choose the image file holding your image and click Open.

Once that is done, the original image you want to manipulate (the one you have chosen through the above process) should dominate center stage.

Crop the Image

Crop the Image

Now, the beauty of using GIMP is that it gives you a host of options when it comes to image manipulation steps and provides different image formats. Take something as simple as cropping an image. For the most part, most image manipulation tools will only give you one or two options.

GIMP, on the other hand, gives you multiple options (around five different ways to do this). For the sake of simplicity, let's take a look at some of the easiest ways through which you can achieve a cropped image in GIMP.

How to Crop Image in GIMP Using the Cropping Tool

This is by far the simplest approach. All you have to do is click on the Cropping Tool and drag it across the image you want to manipulate.

You can find the cropping tool at the top left corner of your image as shown below:
Once you click on the cropping tool, it's loaded onto your cursor. All you have to do now is click the left mouse button on any part of the image you want to manipulate and drag the resulting crop area as you desire.

You can then manipulate the edges of this area to fit exactly to the size you want to crop.
Once done, simply click Enter, and your image will be cropped to size.

Save Your Image

Save as GIMP

Once you click Enter, your image will be cropped to the desired size. The next step involves saving the image. To do that, you need to go back to the GIMP tool, click on the File button again, and then go to Save As and save the image where you want it to be on your hard drive.

How to Crop Images in GIMP Using the Selection Tool

Another simple way through which you can crop images in GIMP is by using the selection tool.

Begin by doing all the basic stuff, such as loading GIMP and choosing the image you want to manipulate. From there, here are the steps you need to follow to crop an image in GIMP using the Selection Tool.

Choose the Selection Tool

Save Your Image

There is a toolbar at the top of your GIMP tool, and one of the options there is Tools. Once you click on that, it gives you a drop-down menu with Selection Tools as one of the options (the first option on GIMP 2.10).

Hover your cursor over that option. You will get another drop-down menu that gives you an assortment of tools such as Rectangular Select and Ellipse Select, among many others.

Choose the Tool You Would Like to Use

Depending on how you want the image manipulated or cropped, simply choose the tool you want to use. Let's try the Ellipse Select option as an example.

Drag and Crop

Just as before, simply drag the tool across the image to include parts of the images you want to be cropped in.

Choose the Tool You Would Like to Use

Crop and Save

Unlike before, when using Selection Tools, you can't just click Enter to get the desired result. In this case, you have to go back to the top toolbar on your GIMP tool and select the option that says Image.

In the drop-down menu that appears, you will see an option that says Crop to Selection. That's what you need to choose.

From then on, the process of saving the image is very much the same as before. There you have it, a couple of easy ways to learn how to crop an image on GIMP.