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Master Image Editing: Expert Tips, How-To Guides, and In-Depth Articles

How to Curve Text in Canva
You can add several text effects to your designs in Canva, and one such effect is to curve text. There is a built-in effect that allows you to easily curve the text up or down and adjust the amount of curve the text has. While the initial settings are basic, you can creatively enhance the curve effe...
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How to Circle Crop in Canva
To circle crop in Canva, add a circle frame onto the canvas from the elements tab, then drag and drop your image into the circle. Cropping into a circle is that easy, but you can also learn a few more tips on resizing and adjusting the image within the frame. If you need to crop an image into a circ...
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How to Italicize Text in Adobe Illustrator
To Italicize text in Illustrator, you can usually select the Italics option under the Font Style drop-down menu in the Options Bar. However, not all fonts have an italics variation. Here are the three top methods to use when creating italicized text. Each method creates italics but with varying degr...
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How to Add Bullet Points in Illustrator
There are three main ways to add bullet points in Illustrator: Your technique depends on where you place the bullet points in your design and how much customization you want for the points. The quickest way is to use the shortcut Alt + 0149 on Windows or Option + 8 on Mac when typing in a text box. ...
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How to Make a Heart Shape in Illustrator
There are several ways to make a heart shape in Illustrator, depending on how you want to customize the shape. Here are my top three ways: All the methods are easy once you follow these step by step processes. Once you have a basic heart shape, you can follow the last section to customize the heart ...
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How to Make an Arrow in Illustrator
There are three main ways to make an arrow in Illustrator. The method you choose to create an arrow depends on how much control you want over the final result. Here is a breakdown of each technique. Method 1: Using Basic Shapes to Make an Arrow in Illustrator Select the Rectangle Tool And Draw A Rec...
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How to Embed Images in Illustrator
There are three ways to Embed Images in Illustrator: Once you have embedded an image, you can unembed the image at any point by clicking the unembed button in the Links Panel. You can also relink embedded images using the Relink button in the Links Panel if your pictures have moved location on your ...
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Patterns in Illustrator (A Complete Guide)
Patterns in Illustrator are repeating graphics that can add texture, variety, and interest to your designs.  You can create your own patterns from any artwork, such as shapes, text, images, or drawings, and apply them to any object. You can then edit the patterns in various ways, such as moving...
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