10 Best Free Figma Icon Packs

Casey Roche
Last updated December 4, 2023

These free Figma icon packs were crafted by the Figma community with developers and designers in mind.

Whether you are looking for simple outlined icons, one-line icons, or a unique twist, such as glass-styled icons, these packs have them all.

1. Free Icon Pack 1700+ icons

Image sourced from: Figma Community

This Figma icon pack may be all you need for everything you do in Figma. The free pack is filled with over 1700 icons for you to use, containing icons such as a gallery icon, settings icons, on and off icons, rubbish bin icons, directional icons, and so much more. The pack is free to use for personal and commercial purposes, but you can donate to the creator if you feel inclined to.

2. 4,000 Free + Open Source Icons

Image sourced from: Figma Community

This pack of 4,000 free open-source icons is called “the Helvetica of icons” by the creators. The icons are made up of rounded corners and edges, tilted objects at a 45-degree angle, and built on a 14px grid to improve legibility. 

The icon pack contains groups of icons for Programming, Mail, Map Travel, Interface, and much more. The Streamline team, made up of 8 icon designers with over 10 years of experience, created this pack that is easy to download or use in Figma with their plugin.

3. Icon pack - 1600+ icons - 160 free icons

Image sourced from: Figma Community

This icon pack offers over 1600 icons made up of 800 unique icons with two style variations for each icon. The vector UI icon pack was created for developers and designers to use and includes icons such as the share button, bookmark icon, volume up, down, and off icons, wifi, mouse, and more.

The pack consists of two popular styles: bold and linear. The icons are created with a 2px stroke on a 24 px grid. You receive lifetime updates when using the pack.

4. Material Design Icons

Image sourced from: Figma Community

This Material Design Icons pack is perfect for students and designers needing an extensive free pack for all their design needs. The pack contains over 35,000 icons in SVG and PNG format. The icons include all types of styles, including filled, outlined, sharp, two-tone, and rounded. 

You can search the pack by searching for icon names or filtering various categories, including style, color, or size. The icon pack contains free icons by Icons8 and Google. You can use the icons for free by crediting the creator in the final work or by buying a license.

5. Figma Music Player Icons

Image sourced from: UXCrush

This free music player icon pack created by Danny McClain contains 16 free music player icons, such as play, pause, shuffle, volume, and more. The icons are designed at 24 by 24 pixels and are white. You can change the color for hover states if needed. There is a plain background behind the icons, so you can remove the background or turn it transparent based on your design needs.

6. 18 Free Figma Loading Animations

Image sourced from: UXCrush

This free pack contains 18 loading animations for Figma designed by Andrei Lancu. The collection has two versions, including a dark screen and a regular screen version. Designed to use only two steps, the animations load very quickly, improving the UX of the icons. You can also use these animations in Figma to learn how to create your own custom animations.

7. Glass Unique Style All Icon Free Figma Pack

Image sourced from: Figma Community

This free glass icon pack offers a unique icon design for you to use in Figma. The icons portray a glassy texture with color to create a look of the icon sitting behind a sem-transparent glass panel. The unique icons include a heart, lock, lightning bolt, and more.

8. Free Figma One Line Icon Set

Image sourced from: UXCrush

This free Figma one-line icon set contains 80 stroke icons created by Alexander and have been created with one line each. The icons are perfect for a minimalistic design and offer a unique touch with icons with an opening where the end of the line should meet the beginning. The icons are designed with a 1 px line stroke on a 24 x 24 px grid. You can use the icons for web, mobile, or print.

9. Free System Icons

Image sourced from: Figma Community

This free systems icon pack contains over 89 basic icons that fit in almost any Figma project. The icons are made of clean, rounded lines with a bold black stroke. The icons are perfect for an understated icon feel and suit any type of design because of the standard look. The icons include a rubbish bin, settings, camera, tick, refresh icon, and more.

10. 7000 Free UI Icons

Image sourced from: Figma Community

This free UI icon pack has it all, with an extensive library of over 7000 icons for your Figma designs. The collection is filled with ready-to-use icons for various categories, such as interface icons, payment icons, country icons, and lots more. The variety of icons are all organized into one file for easy access, so you can immediately download, open, and begin exploring the high-quality designs to add to your projects.