FireAlpaca Dark Theme

Moritz Haag
Last updated April 1, 2022
FireAlpaca Dark Theme

FireAlpaca is a free design program that combines a great user interface with a host of exciting features. It also doesn’t require too much from computers when running, making it a perfect choice for those with older systems. Given the ability of other digital design software, it makes sense to wonder if FireAlpaca has a dark theme.

Does FireAlpaca Have a Dark Mode?

Unfortunately, FireAlpaca doesn’t have a dark theme. Users can only get a dark theme by using Medibang, which can be described as a sibling program of FireAlpaca. Another program that lacks a dark mode is Paint Tool SAI.

If you really want to find a dark mode, you can consider Adobe Photoshop or Krita if you don't prefer our suggestions below.

How Do FireAlpaca and Medibang Compare?

Medibang and FireAlpaca are both popular paint tools designed and offered by PGN – a Japanese-based software developer.

Keep in mind that these programs are not the same even though the same software developer creates them. Medibang is a free cloud-based painting and drawing program that allows users to express their ideas using various mediums.

Medibang Paint Pro was created for both adults and children alike. It can be used to create calendars, posters, logos, artwork, and much more. There are various features and tools available such as shapes, color wheel, brushes, and layers.

On the other hand, FireAlpaca is an open-source drawing program that enables users to paint using an art tool and a traditional brush. FireAlpaca is perfectly suited for those familiar with pencil and paper art, as the software can be used to create anything from basic portraits to fine liners.

FireAlpaca is compatible with all Window and Mac devices. It is also available in 10 different languages.

FireAlpaca Software

Medibang Paint

Medibang Paint contains a host of tools that can be used to manage layers. For example, there are four major layers to select from: foreground, back, middle, and top. It is possible to add more layers to the pre-existing ones by right-clicking on a layer found in the layer palette. Layers can also be changed at will.

Perhaps the most effective feature of Medibang Paint is the ability to draw anywhere. This feature does just what it says. This allows users to draw directly on any layer within the canvas. It can be a great way to get a rough project draft or even plan the final composition.

Medibang Paint also has a plethora of animation tools, including a group of drawing features where users can draw over an image using the pen tool. They can also use the pen tool to create certain shapes, draw a rectangle or square, eliminate certain aspects of an image, or add highlights and shadows to an image.

Unlike FireAlpaca, you can’t create animations on Medibang Paint. By design, Medibang is more targeted to users that create cartoons or manga art. Most users tend to see it as a watered-down FireAlpaca with additional cloud features such as auto-recovery, multi-page projects, save to the cloud, font libraries, material sync, palette sync, and more.


FireAlpaca is equipped with a wide selection of advanced features that allow users to get professional-looking art results. Users can select between nine layer states for their paintings and drawings on the application.

One very attractive feature of this program is the outline style, which provides artwork with a clean and realistic look. The style blending mode looks like a brush drawing and allows users to combine various elements in their illustration. FireAlpaca also has pencil mode, which makes handling details such as shadows and thin lines a lot easier.

What You Can Create

With FireAlpaca, you can create basic line art. This line art style can be replicated using the in-built rectangular shape tool. This tool makes it very easy for users to create linear-style digital painting and drawing.

There are also a few artistic features built into the program that users will love. For one, there are FireAlpaca brush heads to serve various purposes. These custom brushes can be used to fill, provide outlines, create fine details, and any other variations that professional users will enjoy. It is also possible to apply filters like creams, blobs, and paint stubs.

Advanced users will be pleased with FireAlpaca’s ability to apply shadows and highlights to their digital painting and projects. Another remarkable feature of the program is that users can create animations with the free software.

The fact that FireAlpaca offers a lot more than just a drawing tool makes it a great choice for every designer, whether a hobbyist or a professional. Just about anyone can create a complicated animation using the photo editing and drawing program.

One prominent limitation of FireAlpaca is its inability to handle screens with High DPI. If you run the program on such screens, the software becomes extremely pixelated, affecting the overall look of the program and anything else you are drawing.

FireAlpaca also provides users with the ability to invert colors while drawing. This feature comes in handy, particularly for users that have a multi-layered workflow system.

You can easily download the program from the official FireAlpaca website. Simply run the executable file (.exe) to install the application on your Window or Mac computer or even your tablet.


To put it simply, there is no such thing as a Dark Theme or Dark Mode on FireAlpaca. However, just because there isn’t one right now doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. PGN is always improving its software, and it won’t be surprising to see an upgrade or preview in that regard.

A lack of a Dark Theme doesn’t stop FireAlpaca from being one of the best free drawing and paint alternatives. In addition to being a free program, you also do not have to worry about malicious intrusions. FireAlpaca is a safe program with no vulnerabilities. The most effective way to protect yourself is to download the program from its official website.

The software is widely popular, particularly among beginners who are looking to create something amazing. The absence of a dark mode or dark theme doesn’t take anything away from how great this piece of drawing and design software is for digital painting and illustration.