11 Best Free Cursive Fonts in Figma

Casey Roche
Last updated July 7, 2023

Cursive fonts, also known as script fonts, are based on handwriting and add a decorative touch to your designs. These fonts are often used on invitations, wedding and other stationery items, greeting cards, and headings for both formal and informal material.

Script fonts are limiting because they become highly unreadable when used on large paragraphs, with small font sizes, and when the words are squeezed together on a page. However, these fonts work well on large headings and ceremonial materials.

Using a cursive font will add flair and uniqueness to your designs, and here are the best 11 cursive fonts in Figma.

The 11 Best Cursive Fonts in Figma

Figma offers a range of fonts that you can use in your projects. The list of fonts that you can choose from is made up of Google Fonts. You also can use any of the fonts that are stored locally on your system.

If you don't want to use your own fonts, there are several fonts you can use directly from Figma, including several cursive fonts that will work well on formal and informal invitations, wedding stationery, and website headings. Here are 11 of the best Figma cursive fonts.

1. Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a font that displays elegance and timeless style. The looping cursive strokes seamlessly connect each letter to create a smooth script font. The letters are well-spaced apart to ensure that the text remains clean and readable when using this font.

Alex Brush is perfect for wedding invites and other stationery, menu cards, and other material that requires an air of sophistication and style.

2. Dancing Script

Dancing Script is a flowing cursive font that brings an air of playfulness to your designs with curves that loop along to connect the letters. The font keeps the letters widely spaced apart so that the font is readable and neat. The font offers a bolder cursive style than other script fonts.

The boldness of Dancing Script makes it an ideal font for headings, formal invitations, business cards, and even logos.

3. Charm

Charm is a handwritten-style font that offers elegance while keeping the readability of the text. The cursive letters are relatively neat to keep the letters clear. This font mimics a flat-tip pen on paper with smooth curves on the ends of each letter.

This font is perfect for formal and informal materials, including invitations, website headers, and whimsical marketing material.

4. Aguafina Script

Aguafina Script is a more traditional cursive font that mimics hand-written words. The font is tightly placed together, with the letters tilting to the right as though they have been written by hand. The angle of the letters and the small spaces between letters reduce the font's readability.

The elegant font is well-suited for formal invitations, wedding stationery, and website headers. I recommend you use this font on short sentences or headings, as too many letters will make the text hard to read.

5. Rouge Script

Rouge Script is a reminder of old penmanship, with swirling letters that look as though they were drawn with ink and a feathered quill. Not every letter is connected, leaving room for extra curls and loops that create a sense of old-time writing. The font has thick lines and is well-spaced to keep a high readability.

Use Rouge Script on invitations, headings, or even business cards and logos for an old-timey feel of sophistication and elegance.

6. Euphoria Script

Euphoria Script combines old-time sophistication with an almost scribbled handwritten look. The long swirling letters have a mix of thick and thin lines that create the feeling that the writer rushed slightly when writing the words. Despite the slightly rushed look, the letters remain elegant and sophisticated.

Euphoria Script is best used on formal stationery, wedding materials, and fun material such as birthday invitations and flyers.

7. Corinthia

Corinthia is a true cursive font with letters that are all connected with swirling and looping lines. The letterforms stretch up high to take up space and demand the attention of those reading the text. The low curves and neat spacing create an elegant feel to the text. A few letters are finished with sophisticated twirls to add to the formal sense of the font.

Use Corinthia for holiday cards, invitations, and wedding stationery. You can also use this font on formal documents, such as diplomas.

8. Allison

Allison is a more whimsical font than the rest and adds a touch of excitement with extra dashes throughout the letters. The capital letters have large swoops and curls to attract the eye, so use this font on text with lots of capital letters for the best effect.

The letters of this font are tightly packed, so be careful not to use it with long sentences, as this will reduce the readability of the font. Allison is perfect for birthday invitations and cards, as well as funky flyers that need a unique touch.

9. Imperial Script

As the name suggests, Imperial Script is reminiscent of imperial times when emperors ruled the land. The font is elegant, with extravagant loops and swirls emphasizing the letters, especially the capital letters. The bold font has thick lines that taper into thin strokes that connect the letters and add flair.

The Imperial Script Font is unique and won’t suit many projects. However, the font works well on themed invites and formal documents.

10. Beau Rivage

Beau Rivage is a font that pairs sophistication with whimsy to create a blend of elegance with a hint of rule-breaking. The letter strokes end in ribbons that can’t be mimicked with handwritten text. The font brings an air of directness with bold lines that demand attention. Some letters are connected, while others sit slightly apart.

Use Beau Rivage on formal documents, invitations, and website headers that suit the cursive font style.

11. Great Vibes

The Great Vibes font should be used as the name suggests: for any occasion that promises great vibes, fun, and playfulness. The looping capital letters create a sophisticated font with a lot of whimsy added in. This font offers an authentic cursive feel with all the letters connecting and brings a feeling of relaxation to your project.

Great Vibes is best used on fun invitations and informal materials that promise a good time.