How to create two or more columns in Adobe InDesign

Tim Youngs
Last updated March 13, 2020
How to create two or more columns in InDesign

By default, InDesign adds only one column to each page, but with a small setting change you can update that to as many as you want!

Here's how to do it:

New Project:

  1. Open InDesign and click Create New (or File > New > Document)
  2. Set your document Width and Height specs, and choose the number of pages
  3. Choose the number of columns in the Columns option box
  4. Click Create button

Existing Project:

  1. Open your InDesign Project file
  2. From the top menu select Layout > Margins and Columns
  3. Change the number of columns you want in the Columns option box and adjust the gutter width (the spacing between your columns)
  4. Click the OK button